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We offer custom Gatsby JS development on a whole new level.

We develop brand new Gatsby sites from scratch and provide maintaince on existing Gatsby sites. We deliver performant, accessible and scalable code that makes your site future-proof.

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Our main Gatsby services

Gatsby website development

We build Gatsby sites based on design files (such as Figma or XD).

Speed optimization

We will optimize your site for faster load times and higher Lighthouse scores.

Custom pages, components and features

We use React to build custom pages, components and features on your website.

Theme development

We provide Gatsby themes that can be used on several websites with minimum configuration.

Maintaining a Gatsby site

We provide updates and fixes on an existing site. We are always available as a reliable long term partner.

Headless CMS integration

Take the most out of Gatsby with a headless CMS integration. Our current favorites are Prismic and Contentful.

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Why us?

  • We understand the value of Gatsby: we know what it can do and what it can't or shouldn't do.
  • Our investment in Gatsby pays off: the result is a perfectly optimized, accessible, and scalable website.
  • The technical search engine optimization we have is like no other: semantic HTML structure, all relevant metadatas, image optimization, proper build time rendering, structured data. Our Google Lighthouse scores often score pure 100's on each category. That's something you will not find anywhere else.

We solve problems that other Gatsby developers don't even think about. We make sure that your page will render entirely on build time instead of relying on client-side JavaScript. We make sure your search engine optimization is on point with the correct metadata, page structure, semantic HTML, and structured data. We make sure that your site is perfectly accessible for both your users and the search engines that crawl through it.

What is Gatsby?

Gatsby is a framework that can be used to create static sites. That means that it creates pure HTML, CSS, and JS files without a need for a backend server. Gatsby does this by utilizing React, GraphQL and external APIs on its build time. Gatsby's most desirable effects are its high performance, good search engine optimization, perfect user experience and flexible development flow. Combined with a CDN, a Gatsby site will be faster than any React or WordPress site can be.

Our knowledge doesn't just end at Gatsby: we also know how to provide the external services that Gatsby can't provide by itself. This is done with our knowledge on cloud services such as AWS and on feature-speficic services such as form submissions, rich data displaying and content management platforms.

When to use Gatsby?

Gatsby is best used on websites that are not frequently updated (under 10 times a day) and that need both a high performance speed and high search engine optimization. This makes Gatsby a perfect foundation for sites that are used for company home pages, event sites, e-commerce pages and service pages.

When not to use Gatsby?

Websites that either need frequent updates (over 10 times a day) or server side features (such as user registrations and unique content for each visitor) should not be built with Gatsby. Why? Because Gatsby is a static site generation, which means that it is powerless with sites that need server-side content.

The greatest benefits of Gatsby

  • Static file generation (pure HTML, CSS and JS with React)
  • Free – or close to free – hosting
  • The power of a CDN can power the whole webiste, including the HTML files
  • Access to the open-source plugin ecosystem of Gatsby
  • Reliable CMS integrations that will benefit your marketing and content management team
  • Link preloading: pages often finish loading before the user even finishes clicking on them

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