It’s time to get a new modern website.

What we offer

You need a website that has been perfected for your brand. A website, that shows your services and values, and is meaningful to you and your clients. A proper website builds trust, gets more sales and clients, brings new exposure and communicates all the important details to your visitors.

Vaihe Media develops your website using the proper, modern web development techniques. Part of your website building process is search engine optimization, responsive design, maximized accessibility, and the styling that you choose. Proper modern techniques make sure that your website is lightning fast, gets visitors from search engines, and is safe from threats for you and your clients.

Here at Vaihe Media we specialize in unique styles and features. When we create your site from scratch, you can be sure that the site has been made just for you – all the way from the code to the design choices. You don’t have to understand anything about web development as long as you have an idea of what you want the site to communicate to its visitors.

Brand pages

We will develop your brand page with clean code, based on either a premade design plan, or we do the designing for you based on your company brand. An important part of a brand page is SEO, since you surely want to have your site be seen on search engines.

Brand pages can include very unique style choices and features, as you might have noticed on the Vaihe frontpage.

Landing pages

We develop efficient landing pages that will bring great benefits for your company. The intention of a landing page is to turn the incoming website traffic into clients as efficiently as possible.

The purpose of a landing page can be for an example making a purchase, contacting the company, joining a newsletter or becoming part of an event.

WordPress pages

We have very broad WordPress knowledge in our hands, and it is not only limited to the surface of WordPress. We stand out with our expertise of the WordPress core – our expertise includes making our own themes and plugins with clean code, and understanding the PHP core. If the features needed for your site don’t exist, we don’t get stuck – we create the functions ourselves.

Your website won’t be a bunch of WordPress plugins – instead we turn it into a proper, fast loading and efficient modern site.

Get a new modern website. Contact us.

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