This is why you should care about usability and accessibility

Proper web development includes two very similar concepts: usability and accessibility. These two will maximize your site's performance and the satisfaction of your customers.


Good website will work on any device, automatically resizing for the screen size. The website user finds their important information clearly and effortlessly – websites that become a total maze are always annoying to use. A proper website is easy to understand, and satisfies the visitor.


Accessibility means making the website accessible for as large variety of visitors as possible, despite their possible disabilities. These kinds of visitors could be those who have a bad eyesight or simply just color blindness. For many users the only way to browse the web is using a keyboard, or even just a screen reader. Good accessibility will keep these users satisfied, too.

Even though these visitors might not be part of your target group, taking them into consideration still does have other benefits to you. One of these benefits is search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines – such as Google – use robots to scan your size, so they could understand what the site is about. Based on this, the search engine suggests the page to those search terms that it thinks users will value the website. If the search engine doesn't understand your site, it won't recommend it to any users. Since the search engine is completely automatic, you could describe it as "blind and deaf", which means that it will need the same accessibility features as people too. This means that having your site accessible benefits both your visitors, and your site performance on the web.

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